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About Us

Twenty years ago BLOOMIN’ BOOKS was born. The idea behind this company was, and is, to encourage children to read. One of the best ways to do this is to make the child the star of the story by putting his name in the book. His friends names are included also, names he would recognize, together with the name of the person giving the child the book.

As a former teacher and as a passionate book reader, I decided that I would no longer give toys or clothes as gifts. Toys are expensive and they break. Clothes are expensive and they are outgrown quickly, sometimes even before the child has a chance to wear them.

But these books, because they have the child’s name in them, make a child feel special. A child with good feelings about himself is better able to learn. Learning to read allows a child to think, imagine, learn about the world and form a valuable habit for the rest of his life.

The books are valuable gifts for any children in your life. If you have clients with children, they are a wonderful gift to give to your clients for their children.

In today’s economy, these books are the least expensive gift. They will never be outgrown, they will last forever, and you will be remembered as the person who chose the ‘perfect gift.’